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About Us

Tech Breakthrough

We understand the challenges facing fast-growth technology companies as well as industry veterans. We know what motivates and excites the investors, partners and customers who support them, and we know you can’t work effectively with any of these groups without BREAKING THROUGH the competition to stand out in these crowded fields of technology.

We deliver easy access to deep sector-specific insights, real-time news and research, powerful analytics to create world-class market intelligence.

Tailored to your industry, our market intelligence is designed to help you with your key strategic activities.


Strategic Planning

Innovation & R&D

Market & Competitive Intelligence

Business Development

Tech Breakthrough is an internationally recognized market intelligence company specializing in emerging B2B and B2C technology products and services. Founded in 2014, Tech Breakthrough creates market intelligence and industry recognition programs for companies ranging from Fortune 500 to early-stage startups in today’s most competitive technology sectors.

The company’s expertise includes Internet-of-Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), CyberSecurity, Mobile & Wireless, Educational Technology (EdTech), Financial Services and Technology (FinTech, Digital Health & Medical Technology, Automotive & Transportation Technology, and Data Technology

Tech Breakthrough

Our Research Delves Deep into Several Critical Technology Characteristics


Does the product introduce new capabilities or significant improvements? Does it break new ground or “break through” a crowded market?


Does the product perform to a degree that it could improve overall system operation?


Does the product represent a cost-effective solution? Can its return on investment be easily justified?

Fills a market gap

What needs does the product uniquely meet? What problems does it solve?


Does the product deliver as promised? Does it provide greater or more useful functionality than others in its category?

Ease of integration into environment

How easily does the product integrate with other products? Can the product operate effectively in heterogeneous environments?

Ease of use and manageability

Is the product easy to install? Are the product’s functions clear and easy to learn and run? Will the product scale to accommodate growth?

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